AMA Skin Care Patient Recapture Video Series & Referral Lead Generators

6 videos produced for AMA Skin Care’s patient recapture outreach series for dormant accounts and a pair of unique referral lead generator clips focused to leverage satisfied clients.

Project: Production of 6 videos on location at AMA Skin Care’s beautiful facility in Irvine CA, taking full advantage of their beautiful salon-feel studio and their cutting edge equipment.

Scope:  Dr. Asher Milgrom worked closely with V2M in producing this outreach set to engage in an internet based outreach campaign.  We also incorporated a bit of animation in this piece.


  • Development of 6 individual scripts specific to target audience, including a sequencing
  • Green-screen studio recording of owners
  • AVID HD editing
  • 2D animation sequence developed
  • Background graphic replacement
  • Title and graphic treatments