Mold Armor Product 3D Animation Video

WM Barr came to V2M again for another animation – this time to explain what mold is really doing below the surface and how their product actually works to alleviate mold damage and issues.

Project: Develop a strait forward 3D animation demonstrating the effects of mold on a wood surface and how the Mold Armor product responds during an application.

Scope: Our client pretty much “let us go” on this one as we came up with the complete concept of being in a room, flying through the walls and exposing beyond the surface, deep into the wood beams. We even added an “image magnification” element to it, showing the microscopic mold spores in action.


  • Concept. scripting and story boarding
  • Design/wire-frame animated elements
  • Develop and code the animated elements
  • Voice over record, audio sweetening
  • HD digital video output