Ovation Hair Process 3D Animation Video

13 year client, Ovation Hair, asked us to produce a 3D animation to explain how their product works with the hair cuticle to create thicker, stronger and longer hair.

Project: Develop a fully 3D animated video exposing what happens beneath the scalp when the Ovation product is applied to the hair. To be used in multiple areas – stand-alone in their website and integrated into their customer outreach and promotional videos.

Scope: After developing the script, we went to work with our animation staff to create the wire-frames that turned into the final product.  Multiple iterations took place to get it just right as it took form. After a couple changes, 2 final videos came out of the project.


  • Concept. scripting and story boarding
  • Design/wire-frame animated elements
  • Develop and code the animated elements
  • Choose and add stock video
  • Voice over record, audio sweetening