“The Mold Critter” 3D Animation Video

We created WM Barr’s Mold Armor Deck & Furniture Protectant “Mold Critter” animation for use in multiple videos.

Project: Develop 3 animated versions of WM Barr’s Mold Armor Deck Protectant’s “The Mold Critter” to be used online, in distributor stores and more.

Scope: We had a lot of fun with this animation. Our long-time client allowed our creativity to “play” a bit as we had the Mold Critter bounce around on a deck and outdoor furniture, spreading mold everywhere – until the product showed up.


  • Scripting and story boarding
  • Animation elements inlaid over motion stock photography
  • Organic and green-screen video product shots
  • Voice over record, audio sweetening
  • V2M Producer Rick Davis is the Mold Critter voice