Dynamic Bidding & Communications Platform asked V2M to develop their Dynamic Bidding Website Platform that brings Part Designers and Manufacturing together. Both public front end as well as heavy administration back end with lots of notifications and reminder automation.

Project: Custom, automated, controlled and secure “bidding” and communication systems platform development with multiple entry and management points, including advertising and machine sales vendors.

Scope: This project was so much fun to develop. Cient had his vision and we took it to media. Lots of research on how machine parts manufacturers work with bidding contracts and how designers work with the same manufacturers to create seamless, controlled communication between them. Intense amounts of Unique IDs where used for query engines, allowing tight search from all vantage points, including selling the actual manufacturing machines.  System was built to scale up to allow additional vertical-centric opportunities to part of the bidding process.


  • Project concepting
  • Development of an extensive architectural design document, including branding development
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) design incorporating client’s branding
  • Custom Coding of platform using “LAMP stack” technologies: (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)
  • Video training embedded in system for Vendor and Customer user edification

Dynamic home page rotator movie: