Abuse Documentary Making A Difference.

The StopB4UStart alcohol and drug abuse prevention movement is changing lives.

Rick and his team at Vision2Media were chosen by Danny Murphy, founder of StopB4UStart, to help produce a very unique video.  Their core mission is to help kids stop using alcohol and drugs before they start. The 35:00 documentary was produced with unbelievable stories told by many brave, bold and authentic people in recovery who want to help viewers understand that drugs and alcohol are NOT the answer and NOT to be played with. They kill kids, destroy families and destroy lives.  Danny and his team travel to schools, churches and stadiums sharing the video and the message.

320,000 kids will die this year directly related to drug and alcohol abuse because they don’t understand the outcomes of messing around with these substances AND because parents are unaware, uninformed and even in denial about what’s happening with their children.  This is not acceptable and this documentary is helping Danny so something about it.