Metropolitan Anthony Memorial Documentary Video

For 15 years V2M has been working with the FDF Greek Dance Festival organization. They asked us to produce a documentary to remember their beloved Bishop Anthony.

Project: 15:00 documentary video production on the life of Metropolitan Bishop Anthony. When we were approached by the FDF board to produce this documentary, we were simply honored. Majority of work with them up to that point was short-form videos that were played on location at there massive 4 day dance competition events, as well as handling all the competition coverage. We’ve traveled around the United States with the FDF to handle all there A/V needs. It meant a lot to us to be chosen to produce this memorial.

Scope: A lot of effort when into scripting and interviewing to develop the story and choose the players to tell it. Final product was very successful and used in many ways.


  • Concept work up
  • Script Development
  • Talent, site, prop coordination
  • On-site production, multiple location
  • Title and graphic treatment
  • AVID editing