Parallax “Norsk” Brand Slat-Wall Product Promotional Video Set

Known for their aesthetic design and durability, V2M produced 2 versions for each of 29 product videos for this division of Parallax Inc. We had fun on this project, incorporating GoPro point-of-view shots on almost every video.

Project: Production of 58 videos made up of 29 individual product segments, then duplicated and output to HD again but with a different ending slate specific for their vendors.  Videos were designed to be “re-branded” for Parallax’s distributors, such as Craftsman tools.

Scope:  Flexibility was the name of this game as we where on location 9 days in multiple venues to record needed footage, working around our talent’s schedule. Where ever possible, we brought in our GoPro camera gear for the coolest POV shots of the actual products “coming at” the slat-wall.


  • Development of 29 individual scripts for full product line
  • Pro talent selection
  • 9 days on-location recording of slat-wall system installation, all product demonstrations and all flooring applications
  • GoPro shot recordings where possible
  • AVID HD editing
  • Title and graphic treatments