Interactive Media – Web and Disc

A solid, captive web presence is critical. And when video is part of it, a cunning interactive strategy is truly the secret. Today, you have shocking amounts of influence AND control on a user’s behavior.

The definition of Interactive Media is “a method of communication in which the output from the media comes from the input of the users.” So to leverage this opportunity, the right strategy is imperative to building connection, credibility and results-focused pathways.

We pride ourselves in the theory of “form follows function”, or simply put, the designs and branding follow the core two-way interaction intention. The majority of our project’s development time is spent up front, identifying all possibilities from a user-perspective – thinking the ways they think – and with a mouse in their hand. Then we apply the emotional media support. That’s what we mean by an “interactive media approach”.  It increases tangible results exponentially and it’s what we do best.

Project Portfolio

Custom Database Solutions Dynamic Bidding & Communications Platform asked V2M to develop their Dynamic Bidding Website Platform that brings Part Designers and Manufacturing together. Both public front end as well as heavy administration back end with lots of notifications and reminder automation.

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Serving California Prison, Jail and Recovery Contact Management & Communication Platform

Serving California Contact Management and Communication System Development changes the way the California Prison System’s released in-mates are managed, communicated to and tracked.

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AvaStar Mortgage Solutions Video-Powered Loan Offer Platform

AvaStar works with V2m to develop the next generation of home loan opportunity offerings with virtual loan officers.

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Website Design & Development

Davis Luxury Homes MLS Integrated Website Development

Top Orange County Realtor chooses V2M to build her MLS integrated web presence, powered by 45 custom videos and tons of automation.

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Voodoo Marketing Systems Icon Anchor Scroll Website Development

V2M assists Voodoo to develop their new web presence using html5 video and page scroll technologies was used in this “magical” project.

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Rise and Shine eCommerce & Interactive Appointment Calendar Website Development

Spiritual Counselor, Tawny Avonne, chose Rick and his team to build her new feature-packed eCommerce website presence as she expands her business globally with products and service offerings and a custom interactive online appointment system.

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