Custom Database & Interactive Solutions

Flawlessly managing contacts and content mixed with predicting user behavior for an intentional, desired result is key to a successful interactive experience.

Off the shelf solutions don’t always work for specific needs. That’s where custom design and development come in. Predictive behavior modalties assist us in determining pathways that make the interactive user experience as pleasant and “painless” as possible. Automated processes – strategic notification and reminder triggers, “ifttt” rules, (if that then this), and integrating directly into other platforms and social media creates seamless experiences and are all considered in every development. How to be the most efficient and effective at communications and interactions is what we take pride in.

Efficiently managing your contact database can generate and prioritize opportunities and virtually assist you with repetitive tasks simultaneously making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Isn’t simply awesome living in these times!


Recent Database Developments Dynamic Bidding & Communications Platform asked V2M to develop their Dynamic Bidding Website Platform that brings Part Designers and Manufacturing together. Both public front end as well as heavy administration back end with lots of notifications and reminder automation.

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Serving California Prison, Jail and Recovery Contact Management & Communication Platform

Serving California Contact Management and Communication System Development changes the way the California Prison System’s released in-mates are managed, communicated to and tracked.

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AvaStar Mortgage Solutions Video-Powered Loan Offer Platform

AvaStar works with V2m to develop the next generation of home loan opportunity offerings with virtual loan officers.

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Voodoo Generic Telecom Library Whiteboard Animator #3

V2M continues to produce Whiteboard Animator videos for Voodoo’s video library for their automated platform.

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This is Bonamour

Chinese based Direct Marketing company asked us to create a “hype” video focused towards prospecting their distributor base as they expand globally.

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Capistrano Dental Video Rich Website Development

Capo Dental chooses V2M for a custom website development using website video “hosting” and video animated procedure assistance.

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Parallax "Norsk" Brand Slat-Wall Product Promotional Video Set

Known for their aesthetic design and durability, V2M produced 2 versions for each of 29 product videos for this division of Parallax Inc. We had fun on this project, incorporating GoPro point-of-view shots on almost every video.

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AMA Skin Care Patient Recapture Video Series & Referral Lead Generators

6 videos produced for AMA Skin Care’s patient recapture outreach series for dormant accounts and a pair of unique referral lead generator clips focused to leverage satisfied clients.

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American Image Sportwear Whiteboard Animator

Leaders in Custom Sportswear Apparel, American Image has V2M create their first Whiteboard Animator video to help describe their unique differentiators.

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EOP Insurance Targeted Audience Promotional Video Set

EOP Insurance chooses V2M to produce 4 new targeted promotional videos for Insurance Agents, Carriers, IMOs and Brokers.  We also developed an automated training platform for educational outreach to agents.

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SAS Service Whiteboard Animator Video

Another Whiteboard video produced for Voodoo Marketing Systems as they continue to populate their “generic”, vertical-centric libraries for use in their automated marketing platform.

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CB CycleBarn Indoor Cycle Promotional Video

Multiple videos produced for CB CycleBarn Indoor Cycle studio. Fun and excitement are conveyed in these high impact promotional and educational pieces.

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Website Design & Development

Davis Luxury Homes MLS Integrated Website Development

Top Orange County Realtor chooses V2M to build her MLS integrated web presence, powered by 45 custom videos and tons of automation.

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Voodoo Marketing Systems Icon Anchor Scroll Website Development

V2M assists Voodoo to develop their new web presence using html5 video and page scroll technologies was used in this “magical” project.

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Rise and Shine eCommerce & Interactive Appointment Calendar Website Development

Spiritual Counselor, Tawny Avonne, chose Rick and his team to build her new feature-packed eCommerce website presence as she expands her business globally with products and service offerings and a custom interactive online appointment system.

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