Whiteboard Animators

Wikipedia: “Whiteboard animation is a process where a creative story and storyboard with pictures is drawn on a whiteboard (or something that resembles a whiteboard) by artists who record themselves in the process of their artwork. It is used in TV and internet advertising to communicate messages in a unique way.”

You’ve seen them. Crazy hands and markers flying across a white board, doodling up a story that coincides with a voice over, sound effects and music. Why are these guys so popular today? Effective, entertaining and super creative – and inexpensive compared to what those same images would cost to set up and record, right?

V2M puts a twist on our Whiteboard Animations by incorporating the computer generated animated clips into our video editing systems thus allowing flexibility with organic production, our core skill set. Mucho flexibility approaching the projects in this manner. Take a look at what’s possible.


Recent Whiteboard Animator Videos


Telecom Generic VOIP Whiteboard Animator Video

Another Whiteboard Animator video produced for Voodoo Marketing Systems’ generic “vertical-centric” video library.

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Voodoo Marketing Systems Whiteboard Animator Video

Voodoo has V2M develop their first Whiteboard Animator Video to support describing the features and benefits of their unique online sales and marketing platform.

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USA China Group "888" Investment Program Whiteboard Animator Video

USA China Investment Group has Vision2Media produce their whiteboard promotional video for their “888” investment program – all in Chinese.

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3D Animations

"The Mold Critter" 3D Animation Video

We created WM Barr’s Mold Armor Deck & Furniture Protectant “Mold Critter” animation for use in multiple videos.

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Mold Armor Product 3D Animation Video

WM Barr came to V2M again for another animation – this time to explain what mold is really doing below the surface and how their product actually works to alleviate mold damage and issues.

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Ovation Hair Process 3D Animation Video

13 year client, Ovation Hair, asked us to produce a 3D animation to explain how their product works with the hair cuticle to create thicker, stronger and longer hair.

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ARVP 60 Years Documentary

ARVP invests in an amazing video production with V2M to celebrate their 60 years.  An exciting ride through the past to the future.

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Life Beyond Bunions Live Documentary Production

Our 23 year client, Foothill Surgical Institute, has V2M produce another documentary video, this one in a “live” style format. Website link has dozens of online videos of our work.

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Metropolitan Anthony Memorial Documentary Video

For 15 years V2M has been working with the FDF Greek Dance Festival organization. They asked us to produce a documentary to remember their beloved Bishop Anthony.

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Stop B4U Start Documentary Video

Danny Murphy works with V2M on his “StopB4UStart” Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Documentary series.

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Product & Service Promotional Videos

Shark Tank Audition Video

V2M produces a fun video to entice Shark Tank’s producer’s in choosing “Touchless” to be on the show.

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Voodoo Marketing Systems Company Promotional Video

Voodoo Marketing Systems works with V2M to produce a company promotional video about their online platform. Full of creative animated screen captures, interviews and unique graphic treatments.

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WM Barr's Professional Mold Remediation Product Video

A series of 4 videos were produced for WM Barr’s Professional Mold Remediation Product to be used in their trade shows and online promotions. We’ve produced over 125 videos for this client in the last 15 years.

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Exotic Origins Coffee Company Promotional & Customer Outreach Video Series & eCommerce Website

V2M goes to Panama, El Salvador & Jamaica to produce a global promotional media package of 10 videos and an eCommerce website for Exotic Origins Coffee. A unique “wine-to-coffee” pairing system also developed to assist viewers in choosing flavors.

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Jeff Tracta Impersonator/Entertainer Commercial Video

Jeff Tracta’s agency asked V2M to create this short-form commercial piece for this Impersonator/Entertainer to be used in Las Vegas marquees.

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Whole Life Recovery Commercial Video

Addiction and abuse recovery facility works with V2M to produce :60 spot featuring blind surfer Derek Robilo.

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CareMore Insurance Before/After Cardboard Testimonial Commercial Video

How fun was this?  Very effective “flipping” before/after cardboard testimonials approach was used to create CareMore’s :30 commercial spot.

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