Serving California Prison, Jail and Recovery Contact Management & Communication Platform

Serving California Contact Management and Communication System Development changes the way the California Prison System’s released in-mates are managed, communicated to and tracked.

Project: Custom, automated contact database and communication systems platform development with multiple entry and management points.

Scope: Serving California is an entity who’s core goal and passion is to transform the lives of Veterans, Ex-offenders and Crime Victims. V2M was approached to help create unique structure, flexibility and scalability in their contact management and communication needs. A custom solution was developed to connect ServCa Admin, Prison System Management, Partner Homes for released in-mates, Veterans and crime victims and much more.


  • Project concepting
  • Development of an extensive architectural design document
  • GUI design incorporating client’s branding
  • Coding of platform using “LAMP stack” technologies: (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)
  • Video training embedded in system for any user’s edification