V2M Turn-Key Insert Studio & Production Support

Vision2Media Turn-Key Insert Studio Amenities and Pricing


Rick Davis

The stage/studio is rentable with or without my assistance.

  • 27 years in video production
  • 20 years studio owner with up to 3 full-time edit bays, 6 full-time employs & 2 stages
  • 11 years in internet technologies, interactive architecture, database development
  • DP/camera operator on major and small video productions, world-wide
  • Gaffer and lighting expertise
  • Teleprompting experience
  • Technical Director & Engineer for live events



Insert studio is located in San Juan Capistrano.  It is professionally insulated with black pro sound cloth and sound panels.  Beautifully decorated and “dead” in sound response.  It is complete pre-lit with fluorescent based soft lighting and set up with Pro Sony HD camera and teleprompter.  Has been in operation over 9 years and was templated from my professional insert stage from my 10,000 square foot studio a decade ago.

Neighborhood is quiet and there is a large, beautiful park directly across the street that has been used many times for shooting.  Back area is also beautiful for product shots over pool, rock, etc.

I do remote directing all the time through internet with the director/producer/team watching, listening and directing from anywhere in the world.

2 switches lights it all up, ready for production.



  • 24′ x 20′ with 9′ ceiling over half, 20′ over talent area
  • Silent HVAC controlled with additional “between takes” A/C unit if needed
  • 8′ x 10′ ceiling/lighting pipe grid
  • Green or black backgrounds, taught on frame
  • Complete professional sound insulation, subject to aircraft or loud vehicles
  • Additional area for Kraft services, interior and exterior
  • High speed wi-fi



  • Sony EX3 XDcam package
  • O’connor 1030, “one-click” adjustable legs with telescope center up to 22″
  • SDI-HD 8″ Confidence monitor
  • Teleprompter
    • 15″ LCD through lens
    • 3 – 20″ off camera LCD panels
    • 5×1 VGA DA for outputting to all
    • Windows based prompt software



  • Sennheiser professional microphone on adjustable grid mounted boom
  • Additional Audio for mobile
    • 3 sets of pro high end Sennheiser EW-100 lavs on adjustable UHF frequencies
    • Mobile adjustable shock-mount adjustable arm with zepplin and dead cat



  • Pre-lit with professional fluorescent-based Videssence lighting
    • 2 tube cut out lights for talent, grid mounted
    • 2 tube for background lighting, grid mounted
    • Large key soft box, dimmable, on stand
    • Medium fill soft box, dimmable, on stand
    • Additional small soft box, on stand
    • Fluorescent dimmable ring light, on stand
    • China balls
    • 2 Peppers, grid mounted
    • On stand-by
      • Additional Videssence dimmable units
      • 4 – 500k Omnis
      • 2 – 1k DPs
      • 4 – 1k Totas
    • Dimmer packs
    • Stingers



  • 12 C-stands with arms
  • 4 large pro light stands on wheels
  • 12 light stands
  • 2 Flag & Net kits
  • Miscellaneous cookies
  • Additional grip for grid and stands
  • Black wrap
  • Gel pack w. diffusion



Stage as detailed with all equipment & Rick included

  • Minimum use: $500
  • Half day, up to 4 hours: $750
  • Full day, up to 8 hours: $1250
  • Contact us for optional pricing based on your specific needs



V2M provides 25+ years of experience in editing and animation

  • AVID editing: $100 p/h, or packaged by the 1/2 and full day
  • After Effects, Whiteboard Animation, (including illustrations and custom editing), Flash: Quoted by the job
  • Contact us for optional pricing based on your specific needs