Exotic Origins Coffee Company Promotional & Customer Outreach Video Series & eCommerce Website

V2M goes to Panama, El Salvador & Jamaica to produce a global promotional media package of 10 videos and an eCommerce website for Exotic Origins Coffee. A unique “wine-to-coffee” pairing system also developed to assist viewers in choosing flavors.

Rick Davis In Origin Panama

Project: When Scott Plail, CEO and founder of Exotic Origins Coffee, needed video production and web development for his new venture, he didn’t have to look far.  V2m produced broadcast videos and developed web assets for Scott’s previous coffee company Black Mountain Gold with measurable success.  So, off we went to Panama, Jamaica and El Salvador to capture footage of exotic coffee farms, interviews with their owners and the magic of the indigenous people that work these amazing plantations.

We also spent time in the California Central Coast and Florida meeting with wineries and food experts as V2M developed EOC’s eCommerce website, powered by Magento.  This video assisted web presence also included a unique wine to coffee pairing system that we custom developed, allowing viewers to match a perfect taste selection when choosing coffee based on their favorite wines.

Scope:  10 individual videos were produced from script to screen: Company overall promotion piece, several “hosted” videos directed toward specific target markets, such as wineries, corporate executives, special events, and videos produced for customer and visitor education on the different types of coffee brewing:  Drip, French Press and Pour-Over.  Another dozen videos coming online for the exotic farms visited including interviews with their owners.



  • 10 scripts developed
  • On location recording of 8 coffee farms: interviews with owners and lots of b-roll in origin – Panama, Jamaica & El Salvador
  • On location recording in Florida of major food events with Martha Stewart and set ups for brewing
  • Green screen studio production of pro talent
  • Background replacement graphic treatment
  • Title and company branding graphic treatment
  • Stock b-roll video
  • Animation sequences
  • Music and sound effects
  • HD digital video output


  • Custom web interface designs
  • Viewer interaction flow charting
  • Magento eCommerce platform set up and custom coding
  • Video integration
  • Custom wine-to-coffee pairing system developed