WM Barr’s Professional Mold Remediation Product Video

A series of 4 videos were produced for WM Barr’s Professional Mold Remediation Product to be used in their trade shows and online promotions. We’ve produced over 125 videos for this client in the last 15 years. Project: Production of 4 Mold Cleaning and Prevention videos, specific to 4 individual products.

Scope: We were asked by one of our favorite clients to produce 4 more mold remediation and prevention product videos, incorporating our latest work with them: a :45 3D animation that shows mold growing and their product effectively cleaning and eliminating the problem. You can view that video in our animation portfolio.


  • Development of 4 scripts
  • On-location recording in multiple locations, demonstrating products in action
  • GoPro shot recordings where possible
  • AVID HD editing
  • Title and graphic treatments
  • Digital HD video outputs