Voodoo Marketing Systems Company Promotional Video

Voodoo Marketing Systems works with V2M to produce a company promotional video about their online platform. Full of creative animated screen captures, interviews and unique graphic treatments.


Project: Voodoo Marketing Systems Promotional Video Production about their unique automated sales and marketing platform that dynamically brands and personalizes video libraries “on the fly”, allowing a sales force to prioritize timely opportunities, nurture assess relationships and generate referrals.

Scope:  A fun, yet direct script displays screen captured computer imagery of the actual platform in action coupled with the company owners on-camera as they host and describe their differentiators.


  • Script development
  • Green screen studio production of owners: standing, direct to camera and off-camera axis interview
  • Computer platform screen captures
  • Stock video imagery
  • Title and graphic treatments
  • High-level creative video editing
  • Output to digital HD