Rise and Shine eCommerce & Interactive Appointment Calendar Website Development

Spiritual Counselor, Tawny Avonne, chose Rick and his team to build her new feature-packed eCommerce website presence as she expands her business globally with products and service offerings and a custom interactive online appointment system.

Project: Rise and Shine’s website www.tawnyavonne.com eCommerce website & database development with complete back-end administration and front-end video library.

Scope: Tawny asked Rick and his team to help her develop a content rich, client-focused website that would allow them to buy products, make consultation appointments via an interactive calendar and much more.

Detail: Complete custom design & development of website:

  • Home page video library
  • Consultation & speaking appointment calendar system
  • eCommerce for products and services including client account log in and management
  • Scalable collaboratives area that includes their own landing page and blog
  • Affiliate product purchasing area via Amazon
  • Testimonials
  • Full administration for all functions