USA China Group “888” Investment Program Whiteboard Animator Video

USA China Investment Group has Vision2Media produce their whiteboard promotional video for their “888” investment program – all in Chinese.

Project: USA China Investment Group “888” Investment Whiteboard Promotional  & Corporate Identity Piece.

Scope: Client chose to go with the Whiteboard Animator type video due to the complexity of the product explanation and flexibility for future changes. We developed the concept, script and storyboard for the animation, and recorded green-screen deliveries by both company CEO and a well known Chinese investment expert.  All graphic content was translated into the requested Chinese dialect, then animated and edited into a timeline prepared with the Chinese voice-over.


  • Script development for both videos
  • Green-screen studio production of CEO and Chinese investment expert
  • Background graphic development
  • Title and graphic treatments
  • Illustration development
  • Chinese character translation and development
  • Whiteboard video animation
  • Export to digital HD video