Voodoo Marketing Systems Whiteboard Animator Video

Voodoo has V2M develop their first Whiteboard Animator Video to support describing the features and benefits of their unique online sales and marketing platform.

Project: Voodoo Marketing Systems chose the new Whiteboard Animation style video to help audiences understand their unique “power of video” differentiator within their Campaign Manager Platform.

Scope: A fun, unique set of illustrations were developed featuring “Miss Sexy Email” to set the stage for Voodoo’s unique selling proposition.  Actual video from their system was integrated into the anmation inside the TV set.  This is one of the unique ways we use the Whiteboard Animation approach, yielding a much more effective communication piece.


  • Script and storyboard development
  • Illustration development
  • Whiteboard video animation
  • Video editing
  • Graphic package
  • Output to HD video